Happy Valley Eco-Friendly Lawn Service

Sustainable & Natural Lawn Care Services

What exactly is a Happy Valley eco-friendly lawn Service? The areas in which we serve seems obvious, but the eco-friendly part? The terms all natural and eco-friendly get thrown around a lot and in the lawn care industry are not highly regulated. But, when you choose Clean Air Lawn Care, you will get full transparency. We talk about what is in our organic fertilizers and you will see, not hear our electric lawn maintenance. We are proud of how we care for our customer’s properties.

Happy Valley eco-friendly lawn serviceEco-Friendly Lawn Care in Happy Valley

Our natural lawn care services include organic fertilizations. They are OMRI certified (the certification to look for when choosing organic lawn care). In addition, they are custom made for Clean Air Lawn Care lawns. Our fertilizers and lawn treatments are all safe for humans, pets, wildlife and the eco-system. We use proper nitrogen levels to green up your lawn, but not create run-off to enter the waterways and feed the soil first. When you feed the soil, rather than the plan, you allow the roots to become stronger and therefore creating a healthier plant, your grass.

We care so much about the roots and soils that we use a custom organic soil builder to get all the micro-biology in your lawn fed and working hard. Another way we work on the roots of your grass is mowing high and taking only the top one-third of the blade each mow. Did you know that the root length matches the blade length? So, if you cut the blades too short, the roots will shorten, too, and become weaker. Also, we utilize a beneficial fungus called mycorrhizae. This fungus connects to the roots and allows plants to draw more nutrients and water from the soil. They also increase plant tolerance to different environmental stresses. Moreover, these fungi play a major role in soil aggregation process and stimulate microbial activity. Cool, huh!

Why Choose us?

We are the choice company for your Happy Valley eco-friendly lawn service. Not only do we provide high quality services in a quiet, sustainable, organic and safe way, but we also provide the highest standard in customer service. Get your free estimate today, we can’t wait to show you the difference our services will make to your property!