Eliminate Your Lawn Care Pollution

Toxic chemicals. Nauseating fumes. Sounds like a Superfund site, right? Nope – it’s your lawn!

The great American lawn is one of the last dirty frontiers, lawn care pollution is real. We started Clean Air Lawn Care in 2005 when we found out 10-12% of our country’s air pollution came from small engines mostly from lawn care. That can be 0%.

Clean Air Lawn Care Lawn Care Pollution warningIn 2008, our Grassmasters started wondering why our client’s fertilizer companies were spraying a seemingly harmless clear liquid but leaving disturbing skull and crossboned lawn decoration flags. “Keep your kids and pets off the grass for a day… or three if it were my dog?” Thanks, but NO.

Make your lawn… Lawnalicious!

While working for the City of Fort Collins Climatewise program, our current Chief Sustainability Officer, John “Heavy” Armstrong collaborated with Clean Air to create an accurate and understandable lawn care calculator that would educate and empower lawn owners.

Watch the video, calculate and start living well

Check out a quick video with Heavy and learn the Clean Air Lawn Care way. Use our calculator and understand the meaningful and easy impact you can have on you and your family’s quality of life.

Live well with healthy dogs, safe children, the earthy smell of fresh cut grass, BBQ’s with neighbors, and clean air.

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