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Portland Lawn Service Professionals

Get The Best Portland Lawn Care Professionals

The local Portland lawn care professionals will transform your lawn into a lush, beautiful oasis of green that actually helps sequester Carbon! With the Clean Air Lawn Care Portland Grass Masters on your team, you can ensure that your lawn will stand out from others in your neighborhood. You can also feel great knowing that the Grass Masters on your lawn care about everything from the soil beneath it to those walking on it.

Customer-Focused Full-Service Lawn Service

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Clean Air’s Three Pillars Of Exceptional Lawn Service

  1. Sustainable – We invented solar-powered mowing. Need we say more? The solar panels that sit atop our trucks to charge the equipment reduce our law care emissions to zero.
  2. Organic – We apply organic fertilizers and treatments to bring out a lawn’s natural beauty, while creating a harmonious relationship with nature and a safe environment for you.
  3. Professional – Uniformed, courteous lawn experts. We’re engaging and always leave your lawn better looking than we find it…always.

Excellent Customer-Support In A Lawn Service

Our passion for healthy and safe lawn care spills over into everything we do. This includes the emphasis we place on providing excellent service and support to our customers. Our lawn care service professionals enjoy spreading the word about ways to keep your lawn looking the best it can and also ways to care for our environment.

Sustainability and our commitment to your keeping your property looking great are serious to us. While it may be called professionalism, we feel that a willingness to answer our client’s questions and address their concerns is just our way of building relationships that last. And to us, that’s just another kind of sustainability.

Our Ultimate Lawn Service Professional – The Grass Master

It’s not only the solar panels on our trucks that stand out, our Portland lawn care service professionals, are pretty outstanding too. Whether you’ve got a list of questions about organic fertilizers or just want to learn more about how our equipment is powered from the truck’s solar panels, we’ll tell you anything and everything you’d like to know about sustainable, organic lawn care.

We are a Lawn Care Service That Provides Lasting Long-Term Benefits

Though we’re always willing to educate our clients answer their questions, our Grass Masters never forget who the star of the show is: your yard. Here at Clean Air Lawn Care, we take a lot of satisfaction in building healthy, chemical-free lawns; because we know we’re also building a stage for all other sorts of theater as well—the playpen for your pets, the Red Rover pitch for your kids, and the space for your backyard barbecue.

So if you’ve been looking for a lawn service committed to satisfying, sustainable results, we think it’s time to call off the search. Clean Air Lawn Care Portland would love to do your dirty work.