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Portland Franchise Business Opportunity

Aaron Marshall is building his Clean Air Lawn Care Portland business and has a Western Portland franchise business opportunity available. He is selling his Western territory. As his crews’ routes are becoming denser, he is working on continuing to build the areas that are closest in proximity to his shop. This provides a great opportunity for someone to come in and purchase his territory West of the Willamette River. Aaron had a current revenue of about $20k per year in that area and continues to service those customers. These customers would move over to the new owner.

Portland Franchise Business Opportunity Details:

  • The territory covers the West side of the river from Tigard to West Slope (we have another owner in Beaverton)
  • You would come to a comprehensive six-day training in Fort Collins included in the territory cost
  • A support team that covers your marketing, financial and operational planning and support
  • Ongoing communication with all owners through an email-based forum
  • Ongoing educational discussions and training on new business model improvements

Clean Air Lawn Care Portland franchise business opportunityBecoming a Clean Air Lawn Care Franchise Owner

When you choose to own a Clean Air Lawn Care business, you are choosing to be your own boss with the full support of an experienced HQ team by your side. Plus, becoming a Clean Air Lawn Care owner makes you a green-business owner who is working daily to make communities healthier and safer. Clean Air Owners use zero-emission, solar-powered electric equipment as well as high-quality, organic liquid fertilizers and soil builders to create beautiful, green, and lush lawns without using toxic chemicals. This Portland franchise business opportunity is one that will allow you to be your own boss and grow a business that already has year-round revenue.

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I would like to learn more about the Clean Air Lawn Care Portland Opportunity!

I would like to learn more about the Clean Air Lawn Care Portland Opportunity!